Guidelines of the non-profit organisation Känguru Kindertagesstätten
Wiesbaden GmbH

We are the non-profit organisation Känguru Kindertagesstätten Wiesbaden GmbH and we run children's day care centres in Wiesbaden.

We are a 100% subsidiary company of the IFB Inklusion durch Förderung und
Betreuung e.V.

We provide places of love and security for a great childhood.

We look forward to seeing all children aged between 0 and 10. We are curious about the personality of each individual child and we accompany them responsibly through their individual phases of development. We are focused on the respective plans of development. We place particular importance on the development of social competence.
Everyone can feel at home with us: Children, parents, colleagues, supervisory authorities and sponsors.

We are friendly, open and competent in our work.

We treat each other with appreciation and transfer this attitude to the outside world as well. Decisions and their bases are made transparent. We increase our professionalism through constant training and critically and constructively scrutinising our activities. We understand cooperation with the parents to be a partnership in raising the children, in which it is essential to use the potential of both parties to the benefit of the child.